Sunday, July 21, 2013

Well, here it is Sunday in Vietnam and Saturday in LA and time for a few more observations about HCMC and the Ton Duc Thang University where we reside.  First, the Opening Ceremony for the new Sports Stadium and Field House was a splendid event with lots of sub-events of the large event: sports, martial arts, choral and dance performances.  In all just a lot of fun with serious speeches thrown in for the dedication of the  building. Of course the President of the University spoke as well as the leader of the VGCL.  The Vietnamese General Labor Confederation is one of the creators and sponsors of this University as well as several others in the country.  The VGCL is committed to the education of the working class and the whole nation which has near 100% literacy that puts it in the highest achievers of that status in the world.  After all the arts performances a basketball game was held in the new field house and a football game in the stadium.  Now I am going to try to add a short video of part of one of the performances.   If I lose the wifi signal you may have to wait for the video.

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