Monday, July 1, 2013

2nd day and first post from our office in Ho Chi Minh City

Leanna and I are sitting in our office at TDT University, B103, that we have moved into yesterday on the First of July.  We are going over the plan and some of the curriculum that we have prepared with our staff assistant and translator.  It turns out that we have been asked to do lectures for two other departments, both faculty and students as well as help with the English language clubs where we may help in oral language teaching, TESL to a degree.  And it looks like we will also teach 5 weeks of class for two more classes than the two we originally prepared to teach --- busy, busy, busy.  Our assistant and translator whom we are sitting with right now is a faculty member hired to work with us and the department and she will work with us through the semester.  We have already developed a lot of confidence in her ability.

Yesterday we had a great introduction to the University and a walking tour of it lead by the Dean of the department and our assistant.  Then we went out an bought a cell phone lead by our assistant who then took us to the Ben Thanh market which was a fabulous experience.  It probably covers 4 square blocks under one roof with hundreds of small stalls of merchants and many people selling and buying. It is as you may have seen in movies depicted as organized chaos.  It is where many tourists go as well as the local folks.  We bought an umbrella, the sun can be very hot here.  It is about 95 degrees F and 90% humidity so we have been a bit uncomfortable.  The folks here at the U are fabulous and our small apartment/large room is just fine.  There is a canteen just outside our room where we eat meals for maybe 75 cents per meal each.

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  1. Well I have to say I can live vicariously through your blog. I look forward to the adventures simple to exotic. Life in Long Beach is mundane in comparison.