Sunday, June 26, 2016

Been a bit of time since I posted any blog, health issues and all made me step aside for a while.  Have been following the news from Vietnam and about Vietnam, Obama's visit and the appointment of the war criminal Bob Kerry as the President of a US University in Vietnam to be run by the Fullbright folks.  Why they would put up as President a man who personally ordered the slaughter of children, women, men and old folks is hard to understand unless the message is: the Vietnam nation will do it our US way or else.  We don't care about the slaughters and the Agent Orange, napalm, carpet bombing, bombing dikes and flooding villages and destroying food stockpiles and other  atrocities.

And from what the US press I can't see that Obama brought any message of "we are truly sorry for what we inflicted on your country and the 2 to 4 million people that we helped kill or killed ourselves."