Saturday, December 5, 2015

Journey to downtown Ho Chi Minh City City Square – the People’s Committee Building

The People's Committee Building with the statue
of Ho Chi Minh that looks east across the large
Public Plaza.
A few days ago we had to go to downtown HCMC to make some changes in our Air Vietnam reservations.  The Air Vietnam office was in a very major, attractive, modern building in District 1, across the street from the historic old building referred to as the Opera House under French colonialism that is now the National Theatre of Vietnam.  We took a walk by the Theatre after we finished our business at the Airline.  Incidentally, the airline staff were efficient, quick and thorough in helping us solve our problem. Note:  change of date, departure city cost a whopping $35.)
The Spacious and lovely Plaza in downtown
HCMC facing to the People's Committee Building.

We walked around downtown for a bit and really enjoyed the several block long plaza that has recently opened as a foot traffic area facing the People’s Committee offices – a beautiful French colonial era building that has been either restored or perhaps has always been kept up very well. On several streets around us we could see the evidence of the very large construction project taking place down town.  HCMC is building a very large subway system to help handle the commuter population of a city of 11,000,000 and growing.  Yes, motorbikes are and will continue to be a major method of personal and family conveyance, but to meet the needs of the city without contributing immense amounts of pollution the subway is needed. 
The People's Committee Building

I wish I had the time to find out how they will deal with the ground water in the soil since the city is near sea level but that is a question for another day.  Obviously since they are constructing skyscraper size buildings all over the city they have got this all figured out.  We didn’t get any pictures of the subway because it is under construction and the work area is walled off for safety...maybe next time.

Leanna and Thao on the Plaza
We hope that the pictures in this post give you some appreciation of the beauty of the People’s Committee building.  In the US we would refer to this as “City Hall”.  It is the seat of the elected government.  Each ward in the City also has a People’s Committee Ward office with easy access so citizens can meet with their representatives and keep their eye on the progress made by the government working for them.  

Couldn't resist throwing in a few more pictures from the English Zone and a couple of shots from a Social Dialog simulation session that we held with labor studies students yesterday, Friday the 5th of December. 

Students getting prepared to practice Social Dialog
as another workplace tool in addition to collective bargaining and
negotiations in labor union work.

Which Side are you on, SISTER! Which side are you on, BROTHER! Which side are
you on STUDENT! Which side are you on, TEACHER!
Well, here is how you
do social dialog, the things that
you must keep in mind.
Students at the EZ

 With you on our side and a little help from our friends we can find our way to progress and a better world.

BTW...Hollis recently bought a smart phone 3g SIM card and 6 GB of data for around $8 USD. Vietnamese can't believe folks in USA   deal with "contracts" and pay the prices we do for technology. 

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