Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Simulation Class where students practiced Negotiation Skils

The last 10 days of the semester we were asked to provide 3 simulation sessions on bargaining skills for students in Labor Relations and Trade Union department.  It was appreciated by the students who commented that practicing listening and analytical skills, conflict resolution and negotiations: considering the issues and coming up with proposals, planning how to present them, gathering evidence or planning the evidence gathering, making and modifying the proposals AND planning communications systems and organization for the workplace really made it clear that this is not easy work, that it is on-going work to build and have an effective union.

 The green (black) board writing gives some idea of the concepts and work that were discussed and made use of by the students.  Each session included different students -- with a mix of class room and workplace experiences.  Groups ranged from 10 students to just three.  So we all learned together based on Vietnam workplace "case studies".  As we learned last visit, students have great ideas about what makes for good leadership and quickly "see" workplace connections.

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