Thursday, January 7, 2016

Women's Academy Kindergarten -- 100 plus children and a great caring staff.

A happy, cheering, crowd of over 100 kids greeted us with calls of Xin chou (hello or good  morning, or hi) when we visited the Women's Academy kindergarten yesterday afternoon, Wednesday here, after they were up from their naps.  Of course we xin chou-ed them back, waved and took photos while talking with the supervisor of the facility and the other staff.  Each of the rooms was comfortable, with a nice layout and lots of decorations.  The children all were very spunky to say the least.  At one end of the hallway that fronted the rooms there was a kitchen where fresh meals are prepared for the children.  Just as we have seen everywhere in Vietnam newly harvested, very fresh vegetables and meats are used.

And in one room there was an electronic piano and two instructors were practicing music on it.  The instructing one of the pair was from Japan and was so happy to meet us and share how she likes having a two year teaching/internship at the Kindergarten and Women's Academy.

The Women's Academy Social Work and Gender and Development were surprised to learn that most USA universities and colleges either do not have affordable child care or have a long waiting list. The Women's Academy (established in 1960 -- remember the Women's Union was established in 1930) has had an kindergarten/child care since the early 1970s.

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