Thursday, October 29, 2015

Meet the YOUNG TDTU Communications Department

When we were here two years ago we met an incredibly talented and energetic student -- senior -- who was EVERYWHERE on campus photographing and videotaping students, activities, academic events, sports, major historic celebrations.  Ahn really made an impression on us.  He is now the director of STDTU (communications/PR) here on campus, reporting directly to one of the University Vice Presidents!  The department has 3 employees plus they work with lots of student interns.  Some of the interns are majoring in communications, but others are just interested in photography, film, etc.

We met with Ahn to get re-acquainted and learn more about what he's up to.  The department office is not large and is an "open floorplan" with enough room for two desks (with latest computer hardware and software), one meeting table, bookcase (some books but mostly equipment), whiteboard for planning and scheduling and handmade decorations.

Ahn is having a great time with his work and mentoring students.  He gave a us a "tour" of some of the Youtube videos TDTU has posted (probably close to 200!) some of which are clearly aimed at recruiting high school students and their parents to consider TDTU for higher education.  Others are targeted to various academic disciplines here in Vietnam and globally.  Quite a few are pure entertainment for the TDTU students -- "flash mobs", cultural performances, sports, interviews, reports on student clubs.  The development of technical skills, design, editing (audio and visual) -- it's exciting to see such young staff and students moving forward so quickly!  Ahn seems to really enjoy the drone photographic and filming.

So for example, posted with this blog are some of Hollis' photos from recent student performance competition and the National Vietnam University Soccer Tournament (hosted by TDTU).  IF you check out TDTU on Youtube you will see great videos posted even quicker than we could post these photos!  BTW, the entertainment at the soccer tournament (TDTU came in 2nd place) was a Vietnamese heavy metal rock star!  So we had TDTU's modern soccer stadium, students wearing traditional ao dai, dignitaries from the state-owned-enterprise Viettel who sponsored event -- and a Vietnamese heavy metal rocker!  Gotta love this place!

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