Sunday, June 30, 2013

Just a quick few lines to let you know we are here, very happy with our experience that is just starting and so far is grand.  We were met at the airport and feted with a fine meal on the way to the University.  Then had a bit of a tour around the campus but more of that today.  This is a neat city and I love it already and Leanna does too although she is sleeping at the  moment. Oh, it is Monday morning here though it is still Sunday afternoon in LA.  We have our first staff meeting at nine this morning and then several other meetings during the day and some shopping.  We have a group of I guess about 10 volunteers who will help us get oriented and we will be giving them a chance to use their English skills while keeping us out of trouble.  There are thousands of motorcycles and the traffic patterns are a bit hard to understand and overwhelming  -- we did follow our two guides last night across a busy street and kept our eyes ahead as people honked around us.

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